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Modelers Medley Tomorrow

Hi everyone, just a quick reminder that the interim Christmas Modelers Medley will take place tomorrow, I will be sending the invite out later today. It is important to note that Christmas jumpers are mandatory, the more garish the better. See you tomorrow.

ChrisInDen Forum now live

Hi Everyone I have now activated our online forum. Please create a topic for each of your builds and add progress pictures, questions and observations for all members. Please ensure that once completed, you provide a picture of your completed model. All completed model will be entered in the draw for a £10 Scalescenes voucher in January. Keep modelling Chris

View From The Den

Hi everyone and welcome to the new members who have joined our community in the last month. Saturday November 7th sees the return of the Modellers Medley, our usual relaxed online get together where we can chat about modelling, share tips and techniques and do a bit of modelling at the same time. I will be continuing the construction of the Scalescenes Factory Warehouse and we will be joined by John Gowers who will be giving a talk on how he constructed the impressive control panels for the Kimble layout. If you would like to receive an invite, please register as a member, it's free, at, hit the login button, top right and register your details to keep up to date with what is happening in the community. I will be sending out the invite on Friday evening. It's been a busy few weeks in the den, a lot of my time was taken up putting together a layout design for a client, ably assisted by my friends Pete and John at RME, The track plan is complete as is the baseboard design so just waiting for things to ease on the Covid front so I can make the baseboards and deliver them to the client. Having joined the 3 Counties area group meeting, I volunteered to give a presentation on CANCOMPUTE at the next meeting on November 11th, after which, I realised that I no longer had a suitable module to run it from so set about building a kit obtained from RME. Myself and the guys at RME are now in receipt of the RC522 RFID readers and chips so I will be updating you all on progress with these in due course. Layout Not a lot of progress here I'm afraid, I have build a little bit more track but nothing of such note that would justify a picture. I have however, with the help of one of the ChrisInDen members decided to rename the layout to Tylersfield, this is a name with meaning and it does away with the previous confusion. Thanks for reading folks. See you on the 7th of November! Stay safe and keep modelling.

View from the den

View from the den

Hi everyone A quick reminder that our inaugural Model Makers Medley is taking place this Saturday October 3rd 0900-1200 BST (GMT+1) I am conscious that since the start of the pandemic, we are inundated by online meetings and calls so here is something different. There is nothing better than a group of like minded individuals getting together, sharing their knowledge and indulging in what they enjoy, model making of course! So, to that end the monthly Model Makers Medley is born, an agenda free session where we can meet up , build models and chat. I know for a fact that learning will come from the experience along with some good laughs. There is no commitment to stay for the duration, just drop in and out as you feel fit. If you haven't done so already, please go to my website home page, select Log In at the top right and register to become a member of the community. On the evening before the call, I will email you joining instructions and I look forward very much to seeing you on day. In the meantime, stay safe and keep modelling.

View From The Den

Hi everyone and welcome to all of the new members who have joined our community in the last month. It is my hope that together we can build an environment where we can just chill, chat and maybe do some modelling as well! I have now scheduled the next six months’ worth of get togethers to give you all a chance to get them in your busy diaries and negotiate with your significant others! The meetups will take place online on the first Saturday of every month between 0900 and 1200 with the inaugural meeting being Saturday the 3rd of October. There is no fixed agenda and no obligation to do the whole stint, just drop in when you want. I would be really keen to hear what topics you would like to discuss and I would also like to try and arrange some expert guest speakers for us as well (please feel free to drop me an e-mail if there are any items you would be interested in covering). I hope you can join me and bring along some of your ongoing projects, I look forward to meeting you all. If you haven’t done so already, head on over to the ChrisInDen Facebook page, give us a like and join our group or alternatively join the ChrisInDen membership at, hit the login button, top right and register your details to keep up to date with what is happening in the community. So that’s the plan! And now here’s a quick update on what’s been happening in the den: JMRI Course Part 2: Another great weekend with my friends from RME diving in to the idiosyncrasies of JMRI, a truly global affair (Thanks Gregg, AUS), covering advanced blocks, NX Routing, Signal Masts and Signal Mast Logic. We did touch on scripts just to ensure that those that weren’t fried, were done to a turn! Thanks to Pete as always taking the technical lead, John for his objective approach and all who attended for keeping awake whilst I was presenting. All in all a great event and a perfect precursor to our face to face courses scheduled next year, lockdown permitting. More to come as always. The layout To make things confusing, the layout is also called ChrisInDen, but I will try and make clear what I am talking about to avoid confusion, I really need to change the name. If anyone has a suggestion for a layout name, feel free to comment. (Keep it clean please) The track building mojo seems to have fired up again and I managed to make further inroads on the ChrisInDen layout. I don’t know about you, but I seem to have to re-learn all of the techniques every time I do it. (Message to self: rinse and repeat, often). There are no major improvement photo’s I can show but I would like to call out Marcway models in Sheffield, for providing me with some much needed rail, one of the longest standing local model shops in the area. The proliferation of online services is great but, in my opinion, there is nothing better than visiting your local(ish) shop for face to face discussion and advice. Observation from the media I watched an interesting video from Charlie at Chadwick re track cleaning, a far-ranging subject with many solutions to a perennial problem. Here is a link to the video, make of it what you will. Tip of the moment When threading chairs to rail on hand built track, cut the rail oversize and file the ends of the rail to a sharp “V” to facilitate easy insertion of the chairs. Once they are all on the rail, cut off the taper and dress accordingly. Future plans at ChrisnDen I have a number of things on the radar subject to interest: - Scalescenes Group Build – I will make available for a small fee a laser cut kit of of the Scalescenes free download Weightbridge/Coal Office kit. The kit will include all the heavy and medium card elements, the remainder of which you will need to print yourself (I can help here if necessary). We can then do a group build. For those not familiar with the concept, we all build the same thing within an agreed range across a certain period, culminating in a show and tell at the end. It’s a bit of a laugh and may warrant a prize for one of the entries. A JMRI Taster - JMRI is an incredible free application, the purpose of this presentation will be to show some of the capability of this platform. It won’t be a long affair but will give a taste for those that are not familiar with it. Other Potential Subject Areas Air Brushing Product reviews Plastic kit construction Tools & techniques part one Latest from my friend at RME Weathering Thanks for reading folks. See you on the 4th of October!

Kadee Under Track Magent Installation

Here is a video I did showing how to install Kadee under track magnets by routing a recess in the baseboard. It's in two parts as the battery wnet flat half way through. Doh! :- Ive just watched these and it is clear that they need some work. I will provide a revised video in due course, please contact me with any questions. Hit me up with any questions.

The ChrisInDen website is born

Hi all. I have finally created the ChrisInDen website where I hope to keep you updated with all happenings in the workshop and give you access to my products and products from selective suppliers that can really add value to what we do.